Mary Beth Stepans, Ph.D., RN,
Associate Professor, University of Wyoming
307-766-6568 (w)
307-745-8458 (h)

Vice President
Holly Miller, MS, RN
Associate Lecturer, University ofWyoming
307-766-6754 (w)
307-745-7244 (h)

Barb Pier, BSN, RNC
Staff Nurse, Family Care Unit, Ivinson Memorial Hospital
307-742-2142 ext. 3710 (w)
307-745-5335 (h)

Deborah Wiltse, RN
Staff Nurse: Extended Care Unit, Ivinson Memorial Hospital
742-2142. Ext 3391
Heart Center of the Rockies
Manager of Laramie Outreach Clinic (Tuesdays only)


Ginny Conley, Ph.D., RN
Assistant Professor
University of Wyoming, School of Nursing

307-766-3906 (w)
307-745-5843 (h)

Nominating Committee
Lois Pine, MS, RN
Albany County Partnership for Smoke-Free Families,
WY Quit Tobacco Programs

307-742-2142 ext 5434 (w)
307-745-5333 (h)

Pat Campbell, RN
307-742-5800 (h)

Ann Page, RN
Family Care Unit-Based Educator, Ivinson Memorial Hospital
307-742-2142 ext 3705 (w)
307-742-4785 (h)

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